Please see information below for instructions on submitting reservation requests. Direct any comments, questions or concerns to the Office of Event Services at EventServices@ufsa.ufl.edu or 352-392-1645.



UF students currently enrolled in courses for the fall 2020 semester may reserve select rooms at the Reitz Union for individual study/test taking purposes. The following restrictions and requirements apply to study/testing reservations:

·         Only UFL email addresses are accepted in requests

·         Limit of 1 reservation per student, per week

·         3-hour maximum use per reservation

·         2-person maximum capacity for study use

·         Face coverings are required

·         Practice Physical distancing (currently a minimum of six feet) 

·         Furniture in the room must not be rearranged

·         Spaces are monitored for attendance and use, and all no shows are recorded by Reitz Union staff. Repeated no shows may result in the loss of reservation privileges. To avoid possible loss of privileges, Study/Testing rooms must be cancelled by 12:00 noon the day before the reservation (12:00 noon on Friday for reservations occurring Saturday, Sunday, or Monday).

Step 1: Check room availability by selecting Locations from the Menu on the left

Step 2: Select Create a Reservation from the Menu on the left

Step 3: Enter desired date, time, and select a location

Step 4: Enter required contact information (Group will be your first and last Name) and answer questions

Step 5: Submit reservation request. After review, you will receive and email from our office.



Approval of requests for in-person activities will depend upon local public health conditions, the university’s capacity to effectively or successfully execute safety and security protocols, and the availability of university space. For the full Campus Events and Gatherings Policies in response to COVID-19 visit https://policy.ufl.edu.

The following restrictions and requirements apply to in-person events and gatherings:

  • Face coverings must always be worn by all people older than 2 years of age at both indoor and outdoor events and gatherings.
  • Physical distancing (currently, a minimum of six feet) must be observed at all indoor and outdoor events and gatherings. All furnishings and equipment in events spaces have been set to adhere to the physical distancing requirement. Furnishings and equipment must not be moved.
  • The maximum attendance for indoor events and gatherings within the Reitz Union is currently 50 persons. Depending on the venue layout and space available, the maximum attendance could be less than 50 persons.
  • The maximum attendance for outdoor events and gatherings is currently 250 persons. Depending on the venue layout and space available the maximum attendance could be less than 250 persons.
  • Organizers of events or venue managers must maintain a roster with contact information for each event attendee for a minimum of one month after the date of the event. 
  • Where possible, technology options such as web conferencing including video meetings and webinars, or live streaming events, should be an option to those invited.
  • Communications advertising the event must include a statement encouraging those individuals at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 (including older adults and people of all ages with certain underlying medical conditions) to avoid such events and gatherings at this time and when available, direct them to virtual participation options.

These policies will be adapted as needed as local, state, and federal guidelines and declarations are revised and as public health circumstances on the campus and surrounding areas evolve.

Review the steps under the appropriate group type below to request space for a meeting or event.


Step 1:  If you do not already have an Everyday User Account then, request a User ID and Password - Click on My Account above and select Create An Account.  Please allow 48 hours for the User ID and Password to be activated. You will receive an email once the request has been processed. *Accounts for Registered Student Organizations will only be activated for officers listed on GatorConnect.  

Step 2: Review the 
Policies for use of space.

Step 3:  Review the 
Priority Scheduling Timeline
 to determine which dates you can request.

Step 4:  Log In - Click on My Home above to Log In.

Step 5:  Submit your request - Click on Reservations above then select the appropriate request form.


Step 1:  Review the Policies for use of space. Pay special attention to the section noting Non-University Specific.

Step 2:  Review the 
Priority Scheduling Timeline
 to determine which dates you can request.

Step 3: Check availability of rooms on your desired dates by selecting Browse Locations on the menu to the left.

Step 4:  Send an email to 
EventServices@ufsa.ufl.edu with the date(s), time(s), location(s), expected number of attendees and a general description of the event along with your phone number. A staff member will contact you by phone or email to further discuss the event needs and potential facility options. 

NOTE: If you are a company or organization not affiliated with the University of Florida and are interested in holding an information session about your business or conducting interviews for your open positions you will need to make your reservation through the Career Connections Center.  Information on this process can be found on the Career Connections Center website at